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50 years of experience in

animal welfare...


DEMAVIC Laboratory

wins the prize for

bronze in the living room

InnovAction 2014

The entire DEMAVIC Laboratoire team is very proud to have won the prize,

“ Bronze InnovAction Award 2014 ” with our COLOR high-tech litter!

We would like to thank the organizers of the International Professional Pet Fair Asia InnovAction in Shanghai, but also the many Internet users and customers who contributed to our election.

It is for them that we work tirelessly every day, it is for them that we do everything we can to ensure that everyone can benefit from the high-tech products on our site.


DEMAVIC Laboratoire, a European location:

France, England, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Germany, and via websites all over Europe...

Major European references:

  • Intermarché: 2,388 stores

  • Auchan: 1,117 stores

  • Leclerc: 779 stores

  • Carrefour: 705 stores

  • Cora: 84 stores.

  • Monoprix: 250 stores in France


Implementation of a logistics platform for all of North America ...

50 years at the service of

animal welfare...

The DEMAVIC laboratory was founded in 1967 in Dijon, France.
Initially a wholesaler of veterinary drugs, Demavic then created a range of nutritional supplements.
This development was enriched by the opening of a pet department in 1999 with a sales force specific to the various banners, whether food or specialist.
It is today all our experience that we put at your service to regularly bring you innovative products for the care, hygiene and comfort of the animal, without forgetting of course that of the master.
We are :

  • Wholesaler in veterinary drugs: our wholesaler authorization (authorization V3318/06-Ets 1832) allows us to distribute all veterinary products in Europe;

  • European exemptions (art. L.5143-2 of the public health code) such as APEs ( external parasiticides such as Frontline for example)

  • Importer: Thanks to our relationships around the world, we are able to offer you unique and innovative ranges;

  • Dispatcher: fast processing of orders and short delivery times;

  • We are ISO 9001 certified


50 years of experience

in the well-being of your animals...

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