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Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR

CSR assumes that companies integrate environmental issues such as climate change or the scarcity of resources into their strategy. It also involves going beyond their legal obligations to adopt diversity policies and respect human rights. CSR concerns a wide variety of subjects, the importance of which is determined by the company's sector and its geographical location.

CSR contributes to the economic performance of the company since it allows it to identify and prevent the risks to which it is most exposed and to design products and adopt production methods adapted to the strong and rapid changes in its market.

CSR assumes that companies determine their strategy taking into account their stakeholders. This ranges from employees to investors, including suppliers and customers, not forgetting NGOs and local communities.

Our human resources:

The COFORCE company in charge of our logistics

  • For logistics management, we are committed to a local partner, the company COFORCE, which is located in the Montreal region.

  • This social economy enterprise participates in the social and professional reintegration of employees in difficulty ...

  • The specificity of integration enterprises is that they respond to the training and support needs of people with serious difficulties integrating into the labor market, with the aim of combating poverty and exclusion.

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